Tuesday, May 18, 2010



It promised to provide:

1. School Bus Services but all of a sudden abruptly it has

Unilaterally discontinued School bus services, at the time of taking over of the school GIF promised to record three views

(a) Whatever privilege is extended to the teachers would continue,

(b) The areas that are presently covered by bus transport will continue and

(c) The school management will review the efficiency and the cost effectiveness of the operator and bring about such changes as are necessary to get higher advantage to the school, staff and children and if possible, make the services reach a wider area

2. a) Educational Consultants’ Review of RSK and deliverables in terms of manuals procedures and systems documents

b) Supervision and implementation of the administrative and academic processes including the change management, hiring of experts etc.

3. It also offered two value added service free of cost; i.e., GIEF will license the school management software to RSK (commercial value is Rs 6 lacs) at no extra charge. GIEF will additionally offer complementary scholarship worth rupees 12 lakhs to a RSK topper to study in Singapore.

4. School Management software and IT infrastructure modernisation: GIEF would be installing and implementing a exhaustive school management software, immediately on signing of the contract. This would cover a whole range of management and student information systems. BHEL will provide the necessary server and networking hardware with internet connection. This will be done as a part of the contract. At a later stage, the student-school-parent communication software will be implemented which, of course, would incur a cost.

5.Teacher Training & Development: GIEF will start implementing the professional development programme (teacher training and development & training of senior management). This will be done again in a phased manner and in accordance with the school’s time table.

a. Some training modules will be done drawing upon resources from within the school or within state/country and their training charges will be paid by BHEL

b. For specific training programmes like the Modern Montessori and Julia Gabriel’s speech and drama programme select teacher will be sent to Singapore. The cost of travel alone has to be borne by BHEL/Teacher and GIEF will take care of the course fee, lodge and board expenses.

6. Student & Teacher Exchange: GIEF will facilitate student and teacher exchange programmes with GIEF schools and its member schools in India and abroad.

7. Quality Assurance: GIEF will, on signing of the contract, start implementing a slew of quality assurance programmes aimed at the optimising the collective potential of the students and teachers of RSK. In the long run, a teacher will be trained to head and implement the quality assurance initiatives at RSK.

8. Specialised skill assessment programme: GIEF, as a special gesture, will implement the skill assessment programme of Educational Initiative ®, for students of stds VIII and X.

9. Scholarship : GIEF will open up the scholarship programmes that are available in Singapore to students of RSK. E.g., Singapore Airlines Scholarship et al. In addition, GIEF will offer one scholarship for junior college study in Singapore to std X topper of RSK. This scholarship will cover lodge, board and tuition and is equivalent to S$20,000 ( Rupees eight lakhs)

10. Post higher secondary programme : GIEF will help RSK to set up a full fledged career counseling centre at its premises for admission in to Indian universities/colleges. In addition, there are various university programmes, internationally acclaimed and highly accredited, available in Singapore for which GIEF’s career counseling centre will offer services to RSK students, interested in studying in Singapore.

Note: it is an open fact that the above promises have been unkept; The present management is just sleeping over vital and core issues like the deterioration of the school standards in terms of discipline, good conduct, academics etc., The survey by PTA is an ample proof substantiating the ground happenings in the school. We have to take an immediate and urgent decision in this regard, before it becomes too late to undo the mistakes committed by the school management.

The present scenario is ripe for exercising our option for termination of the agency.

"The agreement shall always be terminable at the option of either party by giving a notice in writing of at least four calendar months in advance ending with 30th April ".