Wednesday, June 4, 2008

+ 2 Admissions to non RSK Students.

Dear Parents,
My son- a student of RSK obtained more than 380/500 is denied computer science, I understand that nearly 7 non-rsk students has been admitted much to the violation of the Ruling by our High Court, will the PTA, BHEL, CBSE Authorities swing into action to set things right in RSK. The Court's ruling is crystal clear that priority should be given only to its students and no cut off mark should be prescribed. Then why the principal is deviating from the Court order.


parents said...

please clarify is this court order applicable for the CBSE students applying for the state board +1 seats. The directive is for CBSE to CBSE only or it is applicable for both stream.

Anonymous said...

The Prince, sorry the Principal, believes he is king. He loves it when we parents are grovelling at his feet.So bear with this mal-treatment and keep grovelling and maybe his Highness will respond. Even after this state when we BHEL employees are made to waste our precious working hours at the school and neglecting our work if HR does not act...I wonder when they will!