Saturday, June 7, 2008


Dear Parents,

As an executive committee member of the RSK-PTA please find below the contributions made

to the welfare of the students and staff of RSK.

  • Purchase of 104 ceiling fan for all 64 class rooms

  • Purchase of chairs 300 PVC moulded chairs

  • Donation to Tsunami Rehabilitation work- Rs. 25,000/-

  • Purchase of text books for library and TNPCEE Exam-

  • 1.Rs.10,500 [2002]

  • 2.Rs.20,000 [2005]

  • Binding Expenses for old library books

  • Six Water Filters for the staff room-

  • LCD projector

  • Pongal Celebrations

  • Provision for bulletin Boards for all sectors at the rate of Rs. 30,000

  • Salary for Scavengers nearly for five long years

  • Organised Free Eye Care Camp through Joseph Eye Hospital, Trichy-1 &

  • Rotary Club of Trichy Town.


  • 2001:- 2002 :-

  • 1.Mrs. Mangala Dattarayan - Rs.1000/- 1. Mr. Sowri Rajan - Rs. 3000/-
  • 2.Mrs.Joseph - Rs.1000/- 2. Mr. Devraj - Rs. 3000/-

  • 2003 :- 2004 :-
  • 1 . Mrs.Whelma - Rs. 5000/- 9. Mr.Sellapillai - Rs.7500/-
    2. Mrs. Krishnavani- Rs. 5000/- 10. Mr. Kulandairaj - Rs.7500/-
    3. Mrs.Narmatha - Rs. 5000/- 11. Mr. Sigamani - Rs.7500/-

4. Mrs. Prescilla- Rs 5000/- 12. Ms. Berndette- Rs.7500/-

5. Ms. Seethalakshmi Rs. 5000/- 13. Mrs.Rani - Rs.7500/-

6. Ms. Turnbull - Rs. 5000/- 14. Ms. Lobo - Rs.7500/-
7. Mrs. Lourdu Mary -Rs. 5000/- 15. Mrs. Felicia - Rs.7500/

8. Mrs. Esmie Davis - Rs.5000/- 16.Mrs. Arockiamary - Rs.7500/-

2007 :-
1. Dr. Rajagopal - Rs.10,000/-
2. Mrs. Baby Rajkumar - Rs.10,000/-
3. Mr. Britto - Rs.10,000/-
4. Mr. Jayabalan - Rs.10,000/-
5. Mr.Patricia Fernandas - Rs.10,000/-
6. Mrs.Alice - Rs.10,000/-


1.Mr. JESUDOSS - Rs.10,000/- 2.Mr. Sellapillai - Rs.10,000/-

3.Mr. Veeraiyan - Rs.10,000/- 4.Mrs. Alice- - Rs.10,000/-

  • MD Hall Function : -
    1. 2001 – The Annual General Body meeting
    2. 2003 – The Turn President elect Mr. Abdul Kalam
    3. 2005- Counseling Program me for Students, Staff and parents by Prof. Periyardasan
    4. 2006- Inaugural and welcome Program me of GIEF.


Anonymous said...

I am indeed very happy to know all this fact. Please do something for computer lab especially in primary level. Recently I have visited so many schools where primary sections were filled with computers and Multimedia equipments.

Anonymous said...

What is the action plan for the year 2008-09 of RSK PTA?
Every year Rs 100 is collected and no way it is being used for the students community.
Can anybody give the details plan for 08-09?
Is the PTA president thinking of this plan?
Parents money is not utilized for the betterment of the student community.It is used for teachers scavengers and for the school infrastructure.
I hope the main aim of PTA fund is to utilize the money for the improvement of the students community.
Such things have not happened for the last view years.
Request the PTA to work and do some useful things.

good work said...

Dear Members of PTA,

Do us one more favour. Create a retirement fund for the present pincipal, allocate a pension for him, send him off and save the school. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good idea, if implemented the teachers and parents will be happiest person.
This year 12 and 10 std students will be saved from inactive head.
But sleeping and tution teachers have to wake up since New head will be very active and GIF will be double active. To get the contract extended. Without implementing the promises given.

thank BEST of luck for PTA.

publicise it said...

I wish to ask the PTA through this forum to list all that the new management promised to deliver at the time of taking over.Make the agreement document between BHEL and GIEF public. Of course, omit the money part and other sensitive issues. We are not interested in that.But we want to know what are the exact promises made? Computers, counselling, coaching, scholarship what more?? Please come out . How much money was spent on renovating principal's room and principal's quarters? Was it from BHEL or from our fees? If for so many years, principals could do selfless service from the same place, why so much money spent on someone who is already the laughing stock of the place? Look at the back and forth game in std XI admissions. Is this how an administrator should behave? Is the BHEL HR asleep?

Anonymous said...

" please send the Principal out.."
this is what everyone in the school has to say..
but no action is being taken,
that one person vs. the whole school(incl. teachers)
PTA,please do someting...
THE SCHOOL BUS FEES has been revised

the bus runs for hardly 20 days and they are not new buses..