Saturday, May 17, 2008

+ 1 Results - Dampner

Dear Parents,
Heard the +1 State Board Results, 25 students have failed. Mind You they are the ensuing + 2 students for the coming academic. Why this sorry state of affairs for our RSK? We should be wary whether the Teachers and the Principal are doing their part.? The results show that the teachers have miserably failed in their duty to teach. This is an record in the annals of RSK. Something urgently has to be done to arrest this downward trend in teaching. Awake before it is too late. --Ed/


Anonymous said...

What is the step taken for better performance of the students? If this trend continues then it will be a black mark for the school

Anonymous said...

As a parent of a X standard (appeared and results awaiting)student, I would like to point out that the school played the worst possible role for the students who were to appear the first time for the board exam. NIL efforts were taken whether the child was really studious or not.
The students did not visit school after their Half yearly exams. Even for the revision exams they went to school only to take the exams. Not a single answer paper was discussed with the students. Their performances in the second revisio exams were not even shown to the students.
When the teachers were informed to conduct classes for the students regularly during the revision time. They neglected to take this issue.
Regular slip/class tests were not conducted.
The teachers and the principal did not and were not ready to do their duty to take care of the students' education until the date of the BOARD EXAM. It is a shame for them to have been so irresponsible.
It is hopeless for a parent to have trusted in the education offered by the school.
The trade name of the school has been destroyed very soon.
It is high time that something should be done immediately to mend the process and also to appoint well experienced teachers. Otherwise the exsistance of the school will only be a dream and not a reality.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have a forum to air our views, I thought that even if it was a sad experience of March 2007, I can share it. During the board exam of X std, 2007, my son had waited for 15-20 minutes to receive the additional sheet. There was no additional sheet when he wanted and in spite of the best efforts by the invigilator, the sheets have arrived from the office only after 15 minutes. Was it due to the lack of coordination? My son had aimed for centum, but he got few mark less due to want of time to complete the paper.
RSK of the past was not only the Principal, not only the teachers, not only the students and not only the support staff, but everyone forming a spherical body with a sense of attachment caring for each other.