Saturday, May 17, 2008

Teacher Resigns

The Resignation of good and efficient teachers continue in RSK. This year Ms.Felicia - Maths Dept. of +2 class has Quit for obvious reasons. Is RSK heading towards the right direction by losing such valuable wickets in quick succession.? -- Ed/


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell what the RSK PTA is doing ? Can't they intervene in controlling the damage cause by exit of well experienced teachers like Messrs.DKPN,Gonsalves,Jaishree,etc.RSK is facing huge drought of experienced teachers.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, parents and well wishers of RSK. Just glanced thro' the blog. The kind of news streaming in is very discouraging.

Subject to due verification: IF 25 students had failed in std XI of State Board, then the performance is WAY WAY below the track record (over the decades) of RSK. Movement seems to be pronounced in the negative direction. On the positive side, such as meritorious performance, others have overtaken us. Quick and clear remedial action is required. The downward movement is going to be accelerated to some extent by the departure of good teachers. Shall we request BHEL to look at the ground reality? Bye.

Anonymous said...

It is the duty of GIF to think, why such resignations are regular in RSK Tiruchy.
Following are the suggestions
1.To have a EXIT interview with the teacher before resignation. This is followed in good organisations, to avoid employee turnaround and avoid such occurrences in the future.
2.The head of the institution shall pursue to retain the staff by talking to them freely.
3.Increase the salary and other benefits for the staffs.
4. Improve the working conditions by reducing the documentation work.
5. Have regular interactions such as suggestions week and grievance cell for teachers to address there problems.

GIF and Head doesn't have much time to do such important tasks. we hope.

bleak future said...

It is extremely disheartening to note that BHEL and PTA have not stepped in to check the large scale resignation of good , experienced teachers. Our loss is the gain of other schools! I can understand the new management -GIEF and its principal not wishing to continue with good,experienced teachers.The principal may be feeling insecure among doyens. But why is BHEL sleeping over this? By now, it is obvious that the present principal under the present management can only take us downhill!

Anonymous said...

Will there be a change in Principal atleast this year?
We're fed up. He is so arrogant and does not listen to us parents when we express genuine concern. There are none of the usual activities. Children dont have LDA like before. Will GIF or GIEF whatever be the name, respond or are they just riding on the crest of the reputation built up by the Brothers. Pl respond. Shailesh!!

A Disappointed Old Student said...

I stumbled on this blog just today, and noted with awe at the fast-paced downward tumble the School has been taking. However, I do not want to waste a single minute of my time trying to point things which the Management needs to do.
As far as I believe, the current Principal lives in a World of his own, not awake to the reality of life. Just hear out the whispers all over the School. Not one teacher, not one student breathes in peace, and yet it is somehow lost to this man.
I am an Old Student, and when I come to my School, travelling hundreds of kilometers, I expect to see someone there welcome me with a smile on his/her face. But instead, what happens is even I have to stand reverentially in front of his Office, and when he gets some time, I could walk in head bowed down, or something like that. The Man sits on his high horse, and looks down with a frown as though I am there to waste his time. And before long, he starts out on his 'I, Me, Myself' speech.
Oh, well... the last chapters of RSK's existence may well be running now.