Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The +2 CBSE results will be published tomorrow [21.05.08] by 8.00 a.m., you can log on to www.cbseresults.nic.in for your mark statement and result by registering right now. We at RPF wish each and every one of the student Very Good Luck and Pray for your success in the exams in flying colors. --- RPF


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My sonin class XI has an unpleasant observation to make about the Principal. As we know children learn and accept from GURUS very quickly.For them teachers and Principal are their role model. He says most of the days during the time of morning prayer inthe assembly our Principalkeeps talking over his mobile. Every student is disturbed by his act and prayer conducted bythe young minds become meaningless. Following his example few teachers are seen frequently using mobile inside the class room in Junior and in main school.And some teachers are seen sending SMS sitting inthe class room. This observation is just a caution that students observe us so well. YATHA RAJA THATHA PRAJA.