Saturday, May 17, 2008

VIII Std Text Books

Dear Parents of Std VIII,
This time also your child may not be the lucky ones to get the TEXT Books in time. Yes the Std. VIII books have not reached yet. Why don't You browse the net in the following site : to download the text. ? -- Ed/-


Anonymous said...

Text books are available in pdf format in site.

Anonymous said...

This year the charges for handling the note books are on an average RS 30 per child.If 4000 childrens are there then the handling charges 1.2Lakh. Is it Ok to have such a high charges for handling the books.
Ex KG I handling charges -34 RS(No of books 3 No of note books 4)
For std IV - handling carges - Rs
If anybody is aware of the logic behind this.please explain.