Saturday, May 17, 2008

Educational Administrator Appointed

Dear Parents,
GIF has appointed an expereinced educationist Mrs. REVATHI SHANKAR as an Educational Administrator last month, a new post created to monitor the School. She hails from Baroda with rich experience as Principal and well acquainted with the CBSE curriculum. She is expected to be available very shortly in the School. It is understood that the overall supervision and policy matters of the School shall be routed through her for approval. It is also widely believed that this appointment is a face saving excercise by the GIF to elevate the school to its original level. Let us hope this appointment will attain the objective. Ed/-


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new Educational Administrator.Mrs. REVATHI SHANKAR
We hope GIF has woke up from the DEEP sleep.After two years.
Let us wait and see the outcome.
Already we parents have waited for two years to see the unfulfilled promises from GIF to happen.
First,let the GIF directors and BHEL mgmt review the promises given, when GIF took over RSK Tiruchy in 2006.
This is a additional promise.To stream line the school activities with a new person. It is good idea. If it is taken in good spirit and implemented.

Only the Almight should help us.

Eagerly waiting parents and students.

Anonymous said...

Look like The Principal has refused to work with the Educational Administrator and hence Mrs. Revathi Sankar is not joining RSK Campus!

well wisher of school & student said...

Dear GIF Vicepresident and director sir,

Again the progress made by GIF management is beaten by one and only person.
Let GIF management think and act to remove the person who is behind the act.

If not similar to EA Mrs. Revathi shankar, good knowledgeable teacher, staffs and good students will leave the school.
GIF VP and directors should work hard to search for a alternative and do the needful at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the appointment of the EA by GIEF? They seem to be scared to appoint an efficient person and would rather be happy with the ineffective, self seeking, power mongering present head of RSK. No decision of the Principal is sensible...we are here only to feed and nurse his ego. His pictures splatter our notebooks and so he is not seen by us anywhere near the school even on important admission days. Will HR department still be a silent spectator?

STUDENT said...

Don't bring someone from BAroda...
The Prinical has also come from baroda and has messed up the school, and what more do you want.??